How the NRA Continues to Make Things Worse

The NRA has been exploiting the American people for generations, and from 2018 to 2019, things have gotten a lot worse. You might expect them to lobby for more gun rights, or maybe even some small stock law, but lately, they’ve been pushing for some pretty insane laws that would only impact the American people poorly.

So come along with me and let’s explore some of the many ways the NRA is making America’s political climate even worse. Let’s go.


There’s a reason you’ve never seen someone walking around with a concealed carry equipped with a suppressor – they’re highly illegal. There are only a select few states that allow them, and none of them permit concealed carry. In fact, you can’t even buy one unless you enter your personal information into a federal database – for obvious reasons.

Since the NRA is much more focused on making money than they are increasing gun-safety nation-wide, they lobbied to have silencers available to anyone and everyone with the cash to buy one. So why didn’t this work? Well, to be short; it’s insane. And while silencers aren’t completely “silent,” they are a lot less loud. Suppressors in the hands of everyday people could cause a lot of problems, but none of them are related to “hearing problems” as the NRA suggests.

At this point, you have to wonder if the National Rifle Association is essentially trying to turn the American people together with the endgame of an all-out civil war. It’s fucking disgusting how much more these people care about money than they do for human lives.

Promoting Dangerous Conspiracy Theories

If you were accepting massive donations from multiple weapons manufacturers and they wanted you to increase their sales, wouldn’t it make sense to tell everyone that someones coming to “take your guns” as much as you could? What better way to make people want to buy them? Right?

Well, that’s exactly what the NRA was thinking when they were starting to promote strange conspiracy theories on their website, meant to strike fear into the gun owner’s mind. Pushing people to believe that Hillary Clinton’s main goal is to disarm you and strip you of your rights is the exact sort of thing the NRA loves to convince people of in order to increase gun and ammo sales – and it makes me sick to my stomach.

The National Rifle Association has even gone far enough as to tell the American people that the United Nations is coming for their guns next, in a public statement released in 2018. The statement also included a conspiracy theory about how the United Nations was going to steal your guns so they can melt them down for metal to use on their support beams for their secret volcano base. And if that shit isn’t the craziest thing you’ve ever heard from a non-profit lobbying firm (the third biggest in the US), then I don’t know how to help you.

Interfering in Police Investigations

Linking perpetrators to their firearms is one of the single most important parts of a shooting investigation, which is why the NRA does everything in their power to interfere with these investigations.

The NRA has lobbied (successfully) against all attempts to build an electronic database of firearms owners – which is probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard the NRA do. It just makes so much sense for there to be an electronic database of firearm owners that can be accessed by every police station in the US, but the NRA doesn’t want murderers to get caught – because if they get caught, so does the NRA.

It’s a lot easier to corrupt a system than it is to build it, and it’s a lot more profitable to strike fear into the hearts of millions than it is to instill hope. That’s where the NRA comes from right there. Just a bunch of money-hungry criminals who aren’t looking out for anyone other than themselves.

Fuck the NRA.

3 Ways Gun Control has Reduced Gun Violence

Gun control isn’t a new concept in the US, so whenever something tragic happens, it always seems avoidable. So why is it that these states with less-strict gun control always seem to experience more tragic events than states with more gun control? – I’ll give you one hint; gun control.

Yep, that’s right. Gun control actually works. Take a state like California, that passed the Annual Gun Law Scorecard with flying colors this year and last year. California has a vast population of Americans (almost 40 million people), so why is it that they have the third-least gun deaths of any state? Well, I’ll give you one more hint – BECAUSE of GUN CONTROL WORKS.

Stricter Background Checks

You’d imagine that to purchase an object capable of blowing someone’s head clean off from 200 yards away; you’d need to go through some sort of vetting process. In California, you’d be right. However, in states where no background checks are required to purchase a firearm, you can just walk in and grab one.

Nobody is checking to see if you’ve been to jail for armed robbery before they sell you a handgun capable of blowing a hole in just about anybody – and that’s terrifying. And laws like this one can result in people buying firearms in a fit of rage, ultimately resulting in the death or serious injury of the other party involved in the disagreement.

In California, a strict background check is required, along with a three day waiting period before you’re actually allowed to take the firearm home. I’d imagine this law has stopped thousands of passion-fueled murders throughout the years, so thank God for that.

Concealable Weapons

People are often scared by high-round-capacity firearms capable of hitting targets from a distance, and well they should be. But when it comes to the real killer, smaller concealable weapons are to blame.

See, if some lunatic walks into a shopping mall carrying a fully automatic submachine gun or assault rifle, someone is going to notice immediately. It’s hard to hide a 60-pound metal monster under your trenchcoat, but two fully automatic Glock-18’s can fit in your waistband no problem at all. Sketchy, right?

Well, the defense for this one is that a shooter might go for the armed members of the crowd first if their weapons are required to be displayed out in the open. But if you think about this for more than 5 seconds, you realize how ridiculous this all is. If ANY person can conceal a firearm (even one they just bought that day), there is a huge risk involved for anybody involved. Even armed robbery rates can be directly correlated with the concealable firearm laws in each state – as seen in the Annual Gun Law Scorecard.

Domestic Abuse Convicts

In states where domestic abuse convicts were barred from owning guns, the rates of these domestic murders went down a whole 17%.

Suicide rates in States with more gun control seem to be less than states with little to no gun control. This is because people are scared of the process. When you think about killing yourself, there’s really no way to do it without doing something terrifying like jumping off of a bridge or slicing your wrists over and over again.

When people gain access to small-caliber guns from either themselves or their parents, suicide becomes as easy as the touch of a button. It’s a tragic reality, but in states where gun control is implemented, suicide rates have gone down a whopping 39% in some cases.

The Biggest Lies the NRA Has Told America

Whether you agree with the NRA’s agenda or not, you can’t deny the power they hold in America’s political lobbies. But why is it that they have so much power to stop gun control legislation from passing, and continuing to further their agenda and get everything they want? Why do people support them?

Well, as with most politicians and political lobbyists, they get their power from manipulation and lies. That, and money, which they receive so much of because of these lies. The NRA isn’t the first right-wing organization to lie to the American public, but they’re one of the most effective at it. They use fearmongering and relies on disinformation to get their message across and enlist the approval of clueless Americans.

There is an ever-present enemy we need to defend ourselves from

The way that the NRA gains its support is presenting the American public with the fear that they need to carry guns so that they can protect themselves. But defend themselves from what exactly? The NRA has fabricated this false narrative that the Second Amendment needs to be upheld and not regulated so that we can have guns for defending ourselves against enemies, but they’ll never tell you who they are. They create an imaginary enemy that’s looming over American families when, in reality, that is not the case. It’s just a story fabricated for the purpose of instilling fear and anxiety that is the perfect combination for generating support and donations.

Gun control = no guns at all

Another way the NRA gets its power is from convincing its supporters that gun control or new gun legislation would take away their Second Amendment entirely, leaving them unarmed and unsafe. However, that is not what gun control is about. If you take a look at Australia, for example, one of the most notable countries in gun legislation, you’ll see that their regulation doesn’t involve taking everyone’s guns away. Their legislation eliminated mass shootings and significantly lowered gun homicides, all without getting rid of guns entirely. So for those who really want to buy guns still, you will be able to just as those in Australia can.

More guns means less crime

One thing the NRA loves to do is promote myths and ignore facts. A myth they’ve sold to the American public is that if we had more guns, there would be less crime. One of their prominent researchers and writers, John Lott Jr., who is often featured on NRATV, even wrote a book titled More Guns, Less Crime. Gun enthusiasts love to cite this book for this argument perpetuated by the NRA on why we don’t need gun control, but Lott’s research has been widely debunked by academic scholars, including Yale, Stanford, and Harvard professors who’ve done the research to discredit his claims that concealed carry laws were effective in decreasing crime.

When faced with academic criticism, Lott created a fake persona to defend his research and has lied about producing peer-reviewed articles. If that’s not enough to ruin his reputation and make you not believe a word out of his mouth, he manufactures and manipulates statistics so that they fit the NRA’s narrative and agenda around guns.

The Shadiest Financial Contributions of the NRA

Currently, the NRA’s Foundation stands as a non-profit, charitable organization that supports the shooting sports. However, its status as a tax-exempt organization is at risk of being revoked, according to experts and former IRS heads due to its alarming amount of red flags. You may have also heard about the NRA’s financial problems due to their financial mismanagement, but there is an underlying cause for its issues.

Here are the NRA’s latest shadiest contributions and sketchy financial practices.

Accepting Russian Money

Something that has the NRA under extreme scrutiny is its admittance to taking money from foreign donors, possibly including a Russian banker with ties to Kremlin. This is of significance because the FBI is investigating this issue with the belief that the NRA accepted this money and illegally funneled it to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. As we all know, funneling foreign money to influence U.S. elections is highly illegal, and is just one of the reason why the NRA’s shady financial history is being looked at so closely.

Unreported Donations to Wayne LaPierre’s Wife’s Charity

Another alarming example of the NRA’s shady financial practices is its failure to disclose the large sums of donations made to the Christian organization Youth of Tomorrow, from 2013-2017. All charities are required by law to report the amount, nature, and recipients of its grants on annual tax filings. The Youth of Tomorrow is a charity that Wayne LaPierre’s wife, Susan LaPierre, is a board member of, and previous president, of the organization. These secret donations were made through event sponsorships, which non-profit experts and the IRS claims fall in line with regulatory problems, as charities are required to report “other forms of assistance,” if not direct donations.

By not choosing to disclose this info on how much they spent on event sponsorships, it raises a few red flags as to why they didn’t.

Sketchy Payments

Perhaps the most significant revelation about the NRA’s business practices as of recent is that expressed by the NRA’s former managing director of tax and risk management, Emily Cummins. Her handwritten memos were obtained by spies, detailing the NRA’s huge expenses not disclosed on past tax filing’s and some business practices that left the organization vulnerable to fraud. One of her memos noted the fact that some NRA employees were told to process payments without documentation.

There were other records of several extraordinary payout arrangments made by the NRA to its top executives. LaPierre, for example, receives more than $1 million a year and has a lucrative payout arrangement of his own. Upon his retirement, LaPierre will receive compensation for his consulting services and personal appearances “at an annual rate that starts at his currently contracted final base salary and is later reduced.” Retired executive director Wayne Sheets is also an example of ridiculous payout contracts, which set out a “base monthly consulting fee” of $30,000 as he continued to serve as a fundraising consultant. To be paid regardless of the number of consulting hours provided, he also received $240,000 in “expense reimbursements” and recently got his contract extended through 2023.

3 Times The NRA Failed Us

The NRA is a fucked up organization. It’s in my opinion that if you own a gun that you should hate the NRA too! You have plenty of reasons to hate them too. If you don’t believe me, keep reading and I’m sure I’ll enlighten you as to how they suck.

My own father – who used to be a cardholding member of the NRA – has decided to stop renewing his membership… why? Because he’s paying attention. I love guns just as much as the next person (have you ever shot a pumpkin with a gun? or hit a target square through the center, I promise you it’s exhilarating), but I’m tired of corrupt politicians claiming to speak for all the gun owning Americans. They sure as hell don’t speak for me… here are all the ways I believe that the NRA has completely failed us.

  1. Perpetuating Stigma Around Mental Illness
    What I hate is how one of the spokespeople for the NRA went on about needing a database for all these – and I quote – “lunatics” out there. But that begs the question… where is the line drawn at lunatic? Would I be a lunatic if a see a therapist once a month? What if I had a bout of mental illness when I was in highschool? Should that prevent me from ever owning a gun? And if there was a database I was in, what else would I prevented from doing? I don’t like the sound of being grouped in with the kind of sociopaths who kill people just for the hell of it.
  2. So two-faced we should run a background check on them!
    One thing that they also do is pretend like they’re for more strict background checks on would be gun owners. However, once the hype around a mass shooting incident has died down… they lobby like hell to block any sort of legislative improvements.
  3. They blame the victims of mass shootings
    In at least one documented instance, a board member of the NRA blamed a man – who had voiced that he’d voted against a concealed-carry law before being murdered in a mass shooting – that if he’d only voted for the law he could still be alive… Now if that isn’t fucked up I don’t know what is. It’s not anyone’s fault – gun loving or otherwise – if they’re shot in a senseless act of violence. I’m sure that man is rolling over in his grave.