Condolences are not enough. We want action from our leaders

What are YOU Going to Do about Gun Violence?

On April 16, 33 people were killed by guns, including the shooter, and since that day, approximately 2,430 more Americans have been killed with guns. And for every death, there are another two or three seriously injured.

The gun epidemic is our monthly 9/11, our weekly Katrina, a continuing Iraq war on our streets and in our schools. It is our daily Virginia Tech. Yet, we don’t focus on this threat until we get a Virginia Tech.

And then our political leaders deliberately delay, hoping that we will stop caring. But we must send them the message that we are paying attention . . . that we don’t want tragedy after tragedy to happen while they do nothing.

Act now: Elected officials continue to ignore our gun violence epidemic. It’s time for them to answer one question: “What are YOU going to do about gun violence?”

We’re waging a campaign to ask our nation’s leaders — the President, the Congress, presidential candidates, state officials, and local governments — “What are YOU going to do about it?”

Here’s What You Can Do About It: