5 Reasons Why the NRA is Evil

1.) They’re Paid by Gun Manufacturers

In the year 2013, Business Insider claimed that less than fifty percent of the NRA’s earnings came from membership dues and fees. The most of its revenue came from stuff like advertising sales, donations, and grants, largely thanks to the gun industry. And even a bunch of the earnings from debts and payments still rooted from gun manufacturers, as Taurus purchases its customers an NRA membership with every gun they buy. In previous years, Ruger gave away a dollar from every gun sold to the NRA, and now they’re doubling down, donating $2 from every Ruger rifle, handgun, and shotgun sold until the next NRA annual meeting. Crimson Trace laser sights give 10 percent of their intake and $20 for each weapon sold through the NRA Instructor Program. Crimson Trace workers can’t be making even half that much per unit.

2.) They Lie to their Staff and Members

The NRA tells fibs to innocent gun owners who prefer to have their rights reserved by stating that a ban on military-style weapons with massive magazines would basically hint that the government would be hunting down hunting rifles next. This crowd of people claims that if we close up the gaps that let people get themselves past criminal background checks, it’s just a matter of minutes before the Second Amendment would be repealed. These are straight up false statements that the NRA takes advantage of to seal up its “slippery slope” denial to sensible gun laws like those overly rooted by individual NRA members. They utilize said metaphorical slippery slope to account for doing nothing.

3.) Terrorist’s Longtime pal

Technology is making it more and more feasible to sell handguns that are created mostly of plastic and other non-metal weapons which cannot be sought out by metal detectors. This weapon could be a terrorist’s dream come true, however, it could also be a true nightmare for airport security. Back in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General pitched a ban on the manufacture of plastic guns, however, the NRA fought this new ban and it was completely forgotten about.  Over the past couple of decades, resembling trials of banning the sales of plastic guns have also been denied by the NRA.

4.) Guns Are Bad, M’Kay?

No one has never quite understood the want to possess a weapon meant to protect yourself. It really is crazy to think about. People should feel safe and comfortable in their own towns and if they don’t, then they should help their community get better with this instead of jumping to irrational conclusions. They should provide education to help people with housing, health care, mental health issues and these people should actually HELP people. Closing your front door and reserving a gun in your closet will not help anyone or anything.

5.) Too Much Influence

The public is legit split in half, opinion-wise over whether the NRA sends off too much influence over whether gun laws should be passed or not. While 39% held the view that the NRA exerted too much influence, 35% said it was just the perfect amount and 18% said it was way too little, according to a survey that was conducted last May. An ABC News/Washington Post poll which was also conducted last May found almost identical results.

Learn more about why the NRA is bad by watching the video below!

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