The Biggest Lies the NRA Has Told America

Whether you agree with the NRA’s agenda or not, you can’t deny the power they hold in America’s political lobbies. But why is it that they have so much power to stop gun control legislation from passing, and continuing to further their agenda and get everything they want? Why do people support them?

Well, as with most politicians and political lobbyists, they get their power from manipulation and lies. That, and money, which they receive so much of because of these lies. The NRA isn’t the first right-wing organization to lie to the American public, but they’re one of the most effective at it. They use fearmongering and relies on disinformation to get their message across and enlist the approval of clueless Americans.

There is an ever-present enemy we need to defend ourselves from

The way that the NRA gains its support is presenting the American public with the fear that they need to carry guns so that they can protect themselves. But defend themselves from what exactly? The NRA has fabricated this false narrative that the Second Amendment needs to be upheld and not regulated so that we can have guns for defending ourselves against enemies, but they’ll never tell you who they are. They create an imaginary enemy that’s looming over American families when, in reality, that is not the case. It’s just a story fabricated for the purpose of instilling fear and anxiety that is the perfect combination for generating support and donations.

Gun control = no guns at all

Another way the NRA gets its power is from convincing its supporters that gun control or new gun legislation would take away their Second Amendment entirely, leaving them unarmed and unsafe. However, that is not what gun control is about. If you take a look at Australia, for example, one of the most notable countries in gun legislation, you’ll see that their regulation doesn’t involve taking everyone’s guns away. Their legislation eliminated mass shootings and significantly lowered gun homicides, all without getting rid of guns entirely. So for those who really want to buy guns still, you will be able to just as those in Australia can.

More guns means less crime

One thing the NRA loves to do is promote myths and ignore facts. A myth they’ve sold to the American public is that if we had more guns, there would be less crime. One of their prominent researchers and writers, John Lott Jr., who is often featured on NRATV, even wrote a book titled More Guns, Less Crime. Gun enthusiasts love to cite this book for this argument perpetuated by the NRA on why we don’t need gun control, but Lott’s research has been widely debunked by academic scholars, including Yale, Stanford, and Harvard professors who’ve done the research to discredit his claims that concealed carry laws were effective in decreasing crime.

When faced with academic criticism, Lott created a fake persona to defend his research and has lied about producing peer-reviewed articles. If that’s not enough to ruin his reputation and make you not believe a word out of his mouth, he manufactures and manipulates statistics so that they fit the NRA’s narrative and agenda around guns.

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