How the NRA Continues to Make Things Worse

The NRA has been exploiting the American people for generations, and from 2018 to 2019, things have gotten a lot worse. You might expect them to lobby for more gun rights, or maybe even some small stock law, but lately, they’ve been pushing for some pretty insane laws that would only impact the American people poorly.

So come along with me and let’s explore some of the many ways the NRA is making America’s political climate even worse. Let’s go.


There’s a reason you’ve never seen someone walking around with a concealed carry equipped with a suppressor – they’re highly illegal. There are only a select few states that allow them, and none of them permit concealed carry. In fact, you can’t even buy one unless you enter your personal information into a federal database – for obvious reasons.

Since the NRA is much more focused on making money than they are increasing gun-safety nation-wide, they lobbied to have silencers available to anyone and everyone with the cash to buy one. So why didn’t this work? Well, to be short; it’s insane. And while silencers aren’t completely “silent,” they are a lot less loud. Suppressors in the hands of everyday people could cause a lot of problems, but none of them are related to “hearing problems” as the NRA suggests.

At this point, you have to wonder if the National Rifle Association is essentially trying to turn the American people together with the endgame of an all-out civil war. It’s fucking disgusting how much more these people care about money than they do for human lives.

Promoting Dangerous Conspiracy Theories

If you were accepting massive donations from multiple weapons manufacturers and they wanted you to increase their sales, wouldn’t it make sense to tell everyone that someones coming to “take your guns” as much as you could? What better way to make people want to buy them? Right?

Well, that’s exactly what the NRA was thinking when they were starting to promote strange conspiracy theories on their website, meant to strike fear into the gun owner’s mind. Pushing people to believe that Hillary Clinton’s main goal is to disarm you and strip you of your rights is the exact sort of thing the NRA loves to convince people of in order to increase gun and ammo sales – and it makes me sick to my stomach.

The National Rifle Association has even gone far enough as to tell the American people that the United Nations is coming for their guns next, in a public statement released in 2018. The statement also included a conspiracy theory about how the United Nations was going to steal your guns so they can melt them down for metal to use on their support beams for their secret volcano base. And if that shit isn’t the craziest thing you’ve ever heard from a non-profit lobbying firm (the third biggest in the US), then I don’t know how to help you.

Interfering in Police Investigations

Linking perpetrators to their firearms is one of the single most important parts of a shooting investigation, which is why the NRA does everything in their power to interfere with these investigations.

The NRA has lobbied (successfully) against all attempts to build an electronic database of firearms owners – which is probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard the NRA do. It just makes so much sense for there to be an electronic database of firearm owners that can be accessed by every police station in the US, but the NRA doesn’t want murderers to get caught – because if they get caught, so does the NRA.

It’s a lot easier to corrupt a system than it is to build it, and it’s a lot more profitable to strike fear into the hearts of millions than it is to instill hope. That’s where the NRA comes from right there. Just a bunch of money-hungry criminals who aren’t looking out for anyone other than themselves.

Fuck the NRA.

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