3 Times The NRA Failed Us

The NRA is a fucked up organization. It’s in my opinion that if you own a gun that you should hate the NRA too! You have plenty of reasons to hate them too. If you don’t believe me, keep reading and I’m sure I’ll enlighten you as to how they suck.

My own father – who used to be a cardholding member of the NRA – has decided to stop renewing his membership… why? Because he’s paying attention. I love guns just as much as the next person (have you ever shot a pumpkin with a gun? or hit a target square through the center, I promise you it’s exhilarating), but I’m tired of corrupt politicians claiming to speak for all the gun owning Americans. They sure as hell don’t speak for me… here are all the ways I believe that the NRA has completely failed us.

  1. Perpetuating Stigma Around Mental Illness
    What I hate is how one of the spokespeople for the NRA went on about needing a database for all these – and I quote – “lunatics” out there. But that begs the question… where is the line drawn at lunatic? Would I be a lunatic if a see a therapist once a month? What if I had a bout of mental illness when I was in highschool? Should that prevent me from ever owning a gun? And if there was a database I was in, what else would I prevented from doing? I don’t like the sound of being grouped in with the kind of sociopaths who kill people just for the hell of it.
  2. So two-faced we should run a background check on them!
    One thing that they also do is pretend like they’re for more strict background checks on would be gun owners. However, once the hype around a mass shooting incident has died down… they lobby like hell to block any sort of legislative improvements.
  3. They blame the victims of mass shootings
    In at least one documented instance, a board member of the NRA blamed a man – who had voiced that he’d voted against a concealed-carry law before being murdered in a mass shooting – that if he’d only voted for the law he could still be alive… Now if that isn’t fucked up I don’t know what is. It’s not anyone’s fault – gun loving or otherwise – if they’re shot in a senseless act of violence. I’m sure that man is rolling over in his grave.

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