3 Ways Gun Control has Reduced Gun Violence

Gun control isn’t a new concept in the US, so whenever something tragic happens, it always seems avoidable. So why is it that these states with less-strict gun control always seem to experience more tragic events than states with more gun control? – I’ll give you one hint; gun control.

Yep, that’s right. Gun control actually works. Take a state like California, that passed the Annual Gun Law Scorecard with flying colors this year and last year. California has a vast population of Americans (almost 40 million people), so why is it that they have the third-least gun deaths of any state? Well, I’ll give you one more hint – BECAUSE of GUN CONTROL WORKS.

Stricter Background Checks

You’d imagine that to purchase an object capable of blowing someone’s head clean off from 200 yards away; you’d need to go through some sort of vetting process. In California, you’d be right. However, in states where no background checks are required to purchase a firearm, you can just walk in and grab one.

Nobody is checking to see if you’ve been to jail for armed robbery before they sell you a handgun capable of blowing a hole in just about anybody – and that’s terrifying. And laws like this one can result in people buying firearms in a fit of rage, ultimately resulting in the death or serious injury of the other party involved in the disagreement.

In California, a strict background check is required, along with a three day waiting period before you’re actually allowed to take the firearm home. I’d imagine this law has stopped thousands of passion-fueled murders throughout the years, so thank God for that.

Concealable Weapons

People are often scared by high-round-capacity firearms capable of hitting targets from a distance, and well they should be. But when it comes to the real killer, smaller concealable weapons are to blame.

See, if some lunatic walks into a shopping mall carrying a fully automatic submachine gun or assault rifle, someone is going to notice immediately. It’s hard to hide a 60-pound metal monster under your trenchcoat, but two fully automatic Glock-18’s can fit in your waistband no problem at all. Sketchy, right?

Well, the defense for this one is that a shooter might go for the armed members of the crowd first if their weapons are required to be displayed out in the open. But if you think about this for more than 5 seconds, you realize how ridiculous this all is. If ANY person can conceal a firearm (even one they just bought that day), there is a huge risk involved for anybody involved. Even armed robbery rates can be directly correlated with the concealable firearm laws in each state – as seen in the Annual Gun Law Scorecard.

Domestic Abuse Convicts

In states where domestic abuse convicts were barred from owning guns, the rates of these domestic murders went down a whole 17%.

Suicide rates in States with more gun control seem to be less than states with little to no gun control. This is because people are scared of the process. When you think about killing yourself, there’s really no way to do it without doing something terrifying like jumping off of a bridge or slicing your wrists over and over again.

When people gain access to small-caliber guns from either themselves or their parents, suicide becomes as easy as the touch of a button. It’s a tragic reality, but in states where gun control is implemented, suicide rates have gone down a whopping 39% in some cases.

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