Will the House Join the Senate’s Unholy Alliance with the NRA?

Despite the efforts of our Senate allies, a majority in the United States Senate, eager to accommodate the wishes of NRA and gun corporation lobbyists, voted recently to strip the legal rights of victims of gun violence and give sweeping legal immunity to reckless and unsavory gun dealers. The seven-year struggle isn’t over yet; the bill (HR 800) still has to pass the House of Representatives.

Help us continue this struggle for the rights of gun violence victims in the House.

Click here to send an email to your U.S. Representative urging him/her to: OPPOSE H.R. 800, the companion bill to S. 397.

Now that this legislation is out in the bright sunlight, the media is helping us to expose it for what it is: a giveaway to the gun corporations.

The NRA can be defeated. Just as the Senate was passing the gun industry immunity bill, Illinois Governor Blagojevich, joined by Chicago Mayor Daley, signed legislation that will help prevent terrorists and criminals from buying guns at gun shows in Illinois. The NRA went to extremes in opposing this legislation, but because of all of the good work of our chapters, allies in Illinois and good folks like you, it is now law.

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