The NRA is in the White House

The NRA is in the White House


(202) 456-1414
tell him to Veto S. 397!

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelming passed legislation to give sweeping legal immunity to greedy gun corporations and reckless gun dealers, essentially placing the entire gun industry beyond the bounds of civil liability law.

This tragic capitulation to the special interest gun lobby is yet another unbelievable example of how much power the NRA wields in the halls of Congress.

Though the White House has stated its support for the bill, we must let the President know that the NRA does not speak for the majority of Americans.

As the the New York Times said earlier this week,

“President Bush talked favorably about the assault weapons ban as a candidate, but was notoriously mute when the Republican Congress let the ban expire last year.

Surely he would not compound the nation’s gun scourge by signing the immunity bill.”

If the President does turn his back on gun violence victims and signs the bill, the Brady Legal Action Project is ready to attack the new law’s constitutionality.

As Dennis Henigan, LAP’s Director said,

“Congress can pass it. The President can sign it. But this shameful law will not stand.

We will challenge the constitutionality of this special interest extravaganza in every court where the rights of gun violence victims are being threatened.”


  1. Call President Bush Today: (202) 456-1414.
    Tell Him to “Veto S. 397.”
  2. Click here to donate $25 to the Brady Center Legal Action Project — your tax-deductible contribution will allow us to fight this new law in court and keep defending the rights of victims of gun violence.
  3. Send this email to everyone in your address book. We must act now. Every call, every donation, makes a difference.

So please, make the call and consider a donation. We have to let President Bush know that this is a bad law — reckless gun dealers don’t deserve special legal protections!

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