Top 3 Reasons Why We Need Gun Control Now

1.) The Right to Bear Arms

For everyone out there who is not too educated with the Constitution, the Second Amendment claims, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” In a nutshell, the second amendment promises every citizen the right to arm themselves and create a militia in the scenario that our government becomes completely insane and lets citizens own guns in their households in order to solidify their well being- for example, hunting. Over the past five decades, it’s been cut down to “the right to bear arms,” which totally passes off the real definition of the amendment. Everyone should stop worrying about violating that second amendment and take a second to think about the people that have died and the people who can still be saved This amendment was not ever meant to be seen as permission or means for anyone to murder giant crowds of people-which is what it has really turned itself into. The world has rotated and so must our newer perspectives of the Constitution. These terrible acts of violence might have been rooted in hate and bigotry, however, by not wanting to accept changes to or revise the perspective of our Second Amendment, we are fueling the hatred. We need to take responsibility for these things, for it was our denial to put gun control into action that made it so damn simple for them to occur. If the Constitution doesn’t sound right for the people we have a duty to fix it. Given the current scenarios, maybe, just maybe the Founding Fathers would bid us forgiveness.

2.) Gun Manufacturers Are Lying All the Time

They are great at selling fear, telling people they have to arm themselves for protection purposes, using the same weapons that are pointed at us. Guns are purchased for one solid reason and that reason is to kill. Licensing and administering administration is not ever going to save people from gun violence. The statistics reveal that the potential danger to public safety does not rely on the wants of the killer, but is more about the presence of the firearm itself.

 3.) More Guns More Homicides

If one were to compare gun ownership levels with the current rates of homicide, it’s pretty evident what would be expected to be seen as a result. Fewer people wanting to engage in a fight when everyone else is armed and having no interactions at all are not exactly the answers, here. According to years of research and studies performed by the Harvard School of Public Health, guns and murders go together like peanut butter and jelly. To put in a simpler sense, if your fellow Americans have easy access to firearms, they’re logically more likely to shoot you than if they didn’t have access in the first place. Uniquely, this turned out to be correct not just for the twenty-six developed countries studied, but on a State-to-State level as well.

The video below shares some more insight on why we need more gun control!