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A vast majority of Americans support expanded gun control measures, but the NRA has again and again stopped every effort in Congress to pass common-sense legislation. So now it's time to stop the NRA.

The NRA and its lobbyists have overpowered the will of the majority of Americans for too long.

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Beautiful Bracelets Made From ... Illegal Guns?

If you want to reduce gun violence, there are plenty of traditional ways to help: Calling your government representatives, signing a petition, sharing your opinions on social media. Now, Liberty United is offering a fashion-forward way to reduce the illegal guns that are the scourge of so many communities in our country.

The company, whose founder Peter Thum is also behind the Ethos Water you find at Starbucks, transforms illegal guns and ammunition into fine jewelry designed by fashion veteran Philip Crangi. 25% of profits are donated to reducing gun violence in the company's "partner communities" (currently Newburg, NY, Syracuse, NY and Philadelphia, PA).

While the company isn't doing all they could to help reduce gun violence (Wonder where the other 75% of profits goes? Us too.) they're certainly doing their part to offer people a more responsible piece of jewelry than any old thing you'd find at Macy's. Check out their online store to browse their designs, and learn more about their effort by watching this video.

Obama: Congress Must "Go Ahead And Move"
President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he has already taken all the steps within his authority to advance gun control, and it is now up to Congress to act on gun legislation. Telemundo's Jose Diaz-Balart asked Obama if in the wake of mass shootings like the one that took place Monday at the Washington, DC Navy Yard and last December in Newtown, Conn., Americans were condemned to live in a country where such shootings are "part and parcel" of daily life. "Well, we don't have to be," Obama responded... [read more on TPM]
Caretaker Shoots, Kills Three-Year-Old Boy While Playing 'Gun Game'

Police in Indiana say a Michigan City man accidentally shot and killed a child in his care while playing a dangerous "gun game" with the boy.

Zachariah L. Grisham, 24, was arrested an charged with neglect and reckless homicide following the death of his girlfriend's son, 3-year-old Lance Wilson, this past Sunday.

According to Det. Sgt. Andy Hynek of the La Porte County Sheriff's Department the "gun game" Grisham would often play with Lance consisted of the boy pointing a finger gun at Grisham, followed by Grisham pointing his real gun at Lance and pulling the trigger. [read more on Gawker]

AR-15: Deadly In Aurora, Newtown, And Now Our Nation's Capital

So it takes nine months and two days from Newtown, from 20 dead children and six adults, for someone else to carry the same kind of AR-15 that Adam Lanza carried into Sandy Hook Elementary School into the Washington Navy Yard.

They call semiautomatics like this sport rifles. You bet. Mostly for the sport of killing innocent people, and killing them fast. [read the full story on]

How The NRA Tried To Stop A Member From Conducting Gun-control Research
The National Rifle Association reportedly advised its members against participating in a guns study released this week that shows a majority of gun sellers want tougher background checks for gun buyers.

The NRA was apparently unaware that the University of California professor behind the study -- himself an NRA member -- received the email discrediting his research.

Garen Wintemute, director of the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program, conducted a survey of 43 federally-licensed gun dealers and pawnbrokers in 2011. Fifty-five percent of respondents supported comprehensive background checks. [read more on Al Jazeera America]
13 Shot In Chicago Park

A mass shooting at a Chicago park left a 3-year-old boy in critical condition and returned the spotlight to gun violence in the city with the nation's highest number of homicides.

The child was among 13 people shot in Cornell Square Park on the city's South Side late Thursday night. None of the other victims was listed in critical condition early Friday.

The shooting prompted Mayor Rahm Emanuel to cancel a trip to Washington. [read more on]

High Gun Ownership Makes Countries Less Safe, US Study Finds

Guns do not make a nation safer, say US doctors who have compared the rate of firearms-related deaths in countries where many people own guns with the death rate in countries where gun ownership is rare.

Their findings, published Wednesday in the prestigious American Journal of Medicine, debunk the historic belief among many people in the United States that guns make a country safer, they say. On the contrary, the US, with the most guns per head in the world, has the highest rate of deaths from firearms, while Japan, which has the lowest rate of gun ownership, has the least. [read more on]

"Several Victims" Wounded in Shooting at Washington DC Navy Yard

At least three people were injured Monday morning during a shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington DC. An “active shooter is still on the grounds," according to a DC police spokesman.

DC police officers and FBI agents have responded to the scene, and at least one SWAT team has entered the building, according to reports on NBC Washington.

Two victims were reportedly found inside the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters, which houses 3,000 workers, and another was found on the building's roof. A fourth victim was found outside the facility, according to the Washington DC fire department. [read more on Gawker]

UPDATE 10:30AM: The Washington Post is reporting as many as three shooters involved in the Navy Yard shooting. "One of the shooters is “down,” police told the Post, "but two remain in a building on the grounds." The Navy did not confirm the number of shooters, but a Department of Defense official confirmed that a number of people have been killed.

UPDATE 11:25AM: WJLA-TV, ABC Washington, is reporting at least 4 are dead in the shootings. Other reports list the fatality count as high as 8. More to come.

UPDATE 11:59AM: Reports now list the death toll from this morning's shootings at 8 civilians. In addition, NBC4 is reporting that FBI and SWAT teams shot and killed one of the gunmen. Details to come.

UPDATE 4:01PM: Reports have the final death toll from this morning's mass shooting at 13 fatalities, including the shooter. DC Mayor Vincent Gray is updating press here.

DC Eyewitness Account: "He Aimed His Gun At Us" And Fired

 A fire alarm went off, as has happened before at the Washington Navy Yard. Terrie Durham wasn't sure if it was anything serious, or a drill.

Then office fire wardens came in and yelled for everyone to get out as fast as possible, and "that's when we started moving," she told CNN affiliate WJLA.

She and Todd Brundidge were part of a group that rushed into a hallway toward the exit. Then they saw a man with a rifle.

"We noticed him down the hall and he stepped around the corner and we heard shots," Brundidge told WJLA. What seemed like two or three seconds passed, and then "he aimed his gun at us and then he fired at least two or three shots." [read more on]

NRA Lobbyist Shoots Elephant In Face, Causing NBC To Cancel Hunting Show

It was a series of bad decisions.

First, someone at NBC Sports thought it was a good idea to partner with the National Rifle Association on a sponsorship for a big game trophy hunting show called Under Wild Skies. Then they decided it'd be good to show Tony Makris, an NRA lobbyist, shoot an elephant in the face three times. And to make it worse, they showed the hunter and guide drink celebratory champagne while talking about the "specialness" of bringing the ivory back to camp. [read more on TreeHugger]

Gun Nuts Peddle Gruesome Lies In Face Of Tragedy
In the wake of yet another mass shooting, Americans are reeling from grief and exasperation as gun rights extremists go on the defensive. The latest twist on their gruesome, partisan rationalization is to blame the Navy Yard shootings on the fact that the area was a “gun free zone” within a city of tight gun control restrictions. This plainly ignores the facts and dishonors those killed. [read the full post on]
For Newtown, A 'Wound Has Been Reopened'

NEWTON, Conn. — The mass shootings Monday at a U.S. Navy command complex in Washington are making it more difficult for this western Connecticut town to heal.

Nine months ago, gunman Adam Lanza killed his mother, Nancy, at their Sandy Hook home and then killed 20 children and six educators before killing himself at Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"Less than one year has passed since the tragedy here," Sandy Hook resident Chris Aug says. "Instead of healing, the town's wound has been reopened. Hopes of optimism are replaced with grief." [read more on]

Starbucks Grinds Open-Carry Gun Policy To A Halt

Starbucks Coffee Company publicly requested its customers to refrain from bringing firearms inside its stores and outdoor seating areas around the country—even in states where open carry gun laws are legal. The proposal took effect immediately on Wednesday.

Howard Schultz, chairman, president, and CEO of Starbucks, wrote in a public letter to all Americans that the chain is not banning customers from bringing guns into stores; rather, it is giving “responsible gun owners a chance to respect our request.”

“We have chosen this approach because we believe our store partners should not be put in the uncomfortable position of requiring customers to disarm or leave our stores. We believe that gun policy should be addressed by government and law enforcement—not by Starbucks and our store partners,” he wrote in the letter, which will be published as a national print advertisement in major U.S. newspapers on Thursday. [read more on]

Senate Goes Into Lockdown In Wake Of Navy Yard Shooting

The Senate Sergeant at Arms put the chamber’s office complex into lockdown Monday afternoon in the aftermath of the Navy Yard mass shootingthat left at least 12 people dead.

In an email circulated to Senate offices, the Sergeant at Arms’ office informed lawmakers and staff of the decision, explaining that “In light of the uncertainty surrounding the shooting at the Navy Yard this morning and particularly the possibility of suspects remaining at large, we have decided to lock down the Senate complex.”

The email made clear that while there is no “information to suggest the Senate, its Members, or staff are in any danger, but out of an abundance of caution, we feel this is the best course of action to keep everyone safe.” [read more on Buzzfeed]

Navy Yard Gunman Had History Of Mental Illness

The shooter in Monday’s Washington Navy Yard rampage had a history of mental illness and was treated at two Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals after saying he was hearing “voices” on a trip to Rhode Island last month, federal law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

Aaron Alexis was having trouble sleeping and was treated at the VA facilities for insomnia, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity as the investigation into the shootings unfolded.

While the motive in Monday’s attack remains unclear, FBI officials said they were examining the mental history of Alexis, who was killed Monday in a gun battle with police after killing at least 12 people at the Navy Yard. Officials at a Rhode Island military base — who received an August report from the Newport Police Department that Alexis was hearing voices — are cooperating in the inquiry, according to Lisa Rama, a public affairs officer at Naval Station Newport. [read the full story on]

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